Getting to Know Khor Ski Resort

Khor ski resort is located in Chaloos road 30 kilometers away from Karaj and 65 kilometers outside of Tehran. A spectacular manifestation of nature with matchless capacities to do all sorts of sports and recreational activities in the mountains. Khor ski resorts opened in 1973.
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Its  ski lift system belongs to the French company called Puma. It provides the sports fans particularly those interested in ski with all kinds of facilities  such as ski school, ski lift paths, restaurant, coffee shop, snowmobile and mountain peak camp. Khor waterfall, and the path leading to it which is situated two kilometers away from the ski resort is another God-given natural attraction which has gathered a lot of ice climbing enthusiasts in the cold season which is also a pretty fun place to walk and get some fresh air. There are various bicycle and walking paths from Khor ski resort to different places which gives you the chance of experiencing the fragrance of the mountains especially at heights. Clean air, blue sky, rivers and springs plus mountains along side this mountainous region are by themselves another attraction of the area which hosts loads of mountain climbers from all over the country. To this collection you should add the spectacular views of the gardens with diverse spring and summer fruits located at the curves and the furthest part of the Khor ski resort road at the foot of the mountain which attracts the attention of any viewer. Going from the ground to the top of the mountain and visiting the sky would be the experience of a lifetime. Khor ski resort has a variety of habitats, ecology and weather conditions which range from species living in the mountains to those which inhabit the jungles and mountain foots plus local immigrant birds creating a diverse environment. Mammals such as leopard, wild cat, brown bear, wolf, boar, wild goat and birds such as quail, partridge, golden eagle and vulture inhabit the region.

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 Khor ski resort is easily accessible through different navigation applications.

Geographical location :
35 54 53 N
51 09 91 E


The ski lift system is that of a chairlift whose heights at the first station from sea level is 2400 meters and and at its peak it reaches to 2850 meters. The length of the ski lift is 1500 meters. Also the walking and climbing path from the altitude of 2850 meters have a pretty slight steep to the altitude of 3400


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